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January 5, 2019

Each drive also offers its own unique set of features that differentiates it from the rest of the competitive pack. Serial Interface Connector Pin Assignments All Ultrium drives support all Ultrium-certified media cartridges regardless of which manufacturer makes them. Three years React Rapid Replacement hour, cross-shipment exchange or three-year mail-in 5. And they all include LTO-CM, a radio frequency-based feature that allows certain kinds of data to be stored on a chip, rather than in the first region of the tape.

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HP similarly offers a full Ultrium family, including its second Ultrium tape drive the StorageWorks Ultrium and incorporation of the Ultrium drives cergance HP’s family of tape-automation products. As always, though, capacity and data transfer rate do not tell the entire story.

In the event of an issue arises with the LTO-2 drive, the preferred corrective action is to upgrade your tape drive hardware to a newer generation LTO drive, then install the latest version of the IBM Tape Device driver.

Each product offers distinguishing features that elevate it beyond its competitors in particular areas, and each manufacturer has its own loyal installed base.

Certance LTO Ultrium Tape Products

Drive Installation Instructions Installation Best Practices Certance also offers two autoloaders based on its two LTO Ultrium drives. Table of contents Copyright And Trademarks The CLL comes with the full version of BakBone NetVault software included and features a three-year cross-shipment exchange warranty. Potential customers certancf reminded, however, that actual street pricing will vary depending on the vendors’ different discount and negotiating policies.


Each drive also offers its own unique set of features that differentiates it from the rest of the competitive pack. Both generations of Ultrium drives use half-inch-wide Metal Particle tape media that is meters long meters of which are available for writing lyo-2. Three-year React Rapid Replacement hour cross-shipment exchange or three-year mail-in 2.

TZ Certance / Seagate LTO-2 Tape Media – TZ /GB Storage Capacity

Product Report Note Number: One specializes in correcting short errors, while the other corrects long errors. Mean Time To Replace Capacity and data transfer rate are the two most frequently compared specifications. Therefore, ensure that both library and drive hardware are supported. Certance markets this autoloader for use in small-to-midsize businesses to provide data protection for entry-level and midrange servers.

Certance LTO 2 Manuals

The CL offers a total access time of 75 seconds cartridge load time to beginning of tape [BOT] plus average file access time. The other prices do not include media.

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Parking The Drive For Shipping Pricing is the same for both models. Configuring For Hp-ux Installing The Lto Driver The opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice. Fibre Channel Interface While it is a good thing that Certance has released its second-generation LTO Ultrium products, the fact remains that the company is very late in doing so, lagging behind the competition by as much as a certande and missing several promised release dates along the way. United States English English.

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This format results in a cartridge capacity of GB when using Ultrium Generation 2 media. The LTO Ultrium Generation 1 and Generation 2 specifications dictate specifications that ensure compatibility and interchangeability in accordance with the LTO program’s mission.

Lto-2 Tape Drive Blink Codes Choose the following options from the drop-down menus.