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June 10, 2019

I had to wrestle the world’s most aggravating setup program whilst getting said WFWG drivers to install, too – the program trips over itself like a fool and prompts for a nonexistant disk if you run it from anywhere but the root of the C: For chipsets that support hardware cursors, this option enforces their use, even for cases that are known to cause problems on some machines. For other depths this option has no effect. For 24bpp on TFT screens, the server assumes that a 24bit bus is being used. Try reducing the clock. Many laptops use the programmable clock of the x chips at the console. This option can be used in conjunction with the option “UseModeline” to program all the panel timings using the modeline values.

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If you have a problem with the acceleration and these options will allow you to isolation the problem. For chipsets that support hardware cursors, this option enforces their use, even for cases that are known to cause problems on some machines.

For some machines the LCD panel size is incorrectly probed from the registers.

Chips and Technologies Video Drivers Download

It is possible that the chip could be misidentified, particular due to interactions with other drivers in the server. If the user has used the ” UseModeline ” or ” FixPanelSize ” options the panel timings are derived from the mode, which can be different than the panel size. The following options are of particular interest to the Chips and Technologies driver.

You can avoid this by either using the ” NoStretch ” option or removing the HWcursor tschnologies option. Note that linear addressing at 1 and 4bpp is not guaranteed to work correctly. The current programmable clock will be given as the last clock in the list. Hardware cursors effectively speeds all graphics operations as the job of ensuring that the cursor remains on top is now given to the hardware.


Chips and Technologies Free Driver Download for Windows 98SE, 98 () –

It is completely ignored for HiQV chipsets. Try reducing the amount of memory consumed by the mode.

Typically this will give you some or all of the clocks This is a debugging option and general users have no need of it. The Xorg X server, allows the user to do damage to their hardware with software with old monitors which may not tolerate bad display settings. For other screen drawing related problems, try the ” NoAccel ” or one of the XAA acceleration options discussed above.

Kinda funny, that’s apparently a relatively early VGA clone chipset yet the machine itself dates to ’96 or so Dual-head display has two effects on the modelines.

So for the various Chips and Technologies chips the maximum specifications are. However some video ram, particularly EDO, might not be fast enough to handle this, resulting in drawing errors on the screen. It also has higher limits on the maximum memory and pixel clocks Max Ram: With this option all of the graphics are rendered into a copy of the framebuffer that is keep in the main memory of the computer, and the screen is updated from this copy.

In general there are two factors determining the maximum dotclock. Also for non PCI machines specifying this force the linear base address to be this value, reprogramming the video processor to suit. Dual refresh rate display can be selected with the ” DualRefresh ” option described above. In this way PseudoColor and TrueColor visuals can be used on the same screen. For LCD modes, it is possible that your LCD panel requires different panel timings at the text console than with a graphics mode.


If it is a standard mode and frequency that your screen should be able to handle, try to find different timings for a similar mode and frequency combination.

Using this option the mode can be centered in the screen. Secondly, the memory bandwidth of the video processor is shared between the two heads.

Like the overlays, the Xvideo extension uses a part of the video memory for a second framebuffer. You are probably using a dot clock that is too high or too low ; it is also possible that there is interference with a close MCLK. The order of precedence is Display, Screen, Monitor, Device. The server itself can correctly detect the chip in the same situation.

Most of the Chips and Technologies chipsets are supported by this driver to some degree. However luckily there are many different clock register setting that can give the same or very similar clocks. If the screen is using a mode that BIOS doesn’t know about, then there is no guarantee that it will be resumed correctly.