December 6, 2018

There still aren’t royalties for developing an application that you create. Page 1 of 5. You actually pay twice for the “free” ODBC driver. ODBC driver topspeed – Please help 7. Sun, 30 Jan

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Also I don’t want to get into user limits. You actually pay twice for the “free” ODBC driver.

At least make the Read Only driver free, so as to allow us developers to write Clarion apps and let the users use their reportwriters. I would not mind paying extra in CW price for this to cover their development costs. One thing that has been a concern for me lately, topepeed I feel like a lot of what goes on at TopSpeed and with the users of CW is “preaching to the choir”.

Afterwards you must pay a lisence fee to access the SQL backend database. Page 1 of 5.

One of the many features of Clarion has been the lack of Royalties associated with distributing applications etc plus the purchase pricemaking the costs of developing applications very transparent indeed. Actually information like this must read on the package not only inside. Can’t, for me it creates a problem, where before the motto at TopSpeed has been no run time fees. At least developers should get the driver set with CW for development and evaluating purposes even without the right to give it away.

There are “free” ODBC drivers for oebc databases, but that’s normally databases where you have fopspeed pay a license for each user that access the database.


So how do I set all of this up? The idea of the read-only toppspeed is that in many situations it is undesirable for “users” to be able to update tables from e.

Fri, 28 Jan ODBC driver topspeed – Please help 7. I think it would be useful for all of us, and as I said make it a one shot price. Think about selling an application which has reports made with Crystal Reports. You know what I mean.

I wish it a lot more visible than it is now but that’s another topic for a later date Some of the problems I’ve been experiencing, and I’m sure others have too, is that being in a large corporation 18, employees of which 1, are IT related people they have standardised on everything microsoft etc they’ve even looked at and entertained delphi for a whilebut not Clarion, in spite of the major strides Topspeed have made since “3.

In C4 there is a SEND command which can be used to set a read-only attribute on individual tables, to give finer control. As a customer I would prefer having all the necessary components in the package. Sorry, but I am not going to buy any drivers for customers I don’t already have nor 5-pack of drivers when I need only one set.

I agree with the original poster, the read only should either be free or a one time fee for developers. I still think there isn’t a product to touch it on the market yet. People can set it up easily, and then people can create all kinds of reports with their report writers.


clsrion Some use Microsoft software as an example of free stuff. Topspeed ODBC drivers and dimensioned fields??? They need to get paid for their products and services some way or the other to servive.

Clarion, Why are the Topspeed ODBC drivers not Free???

To my knowledge if you are a developer wanting to access an Access database, there is odb charge. There still aren’t royalties for tpospeed an application that you create. I feel that many times, everything turns on, how TopSpeed can get some money out of the current users of the software, not develop a strategy of getting new users. This way we would be able to clarrion work more easily having put the ODBC issue to bed. That is quite correct, but even CW application may have some parts made with 3rd party tools such as Crystal Report s or Reportsmith.

Topspeed ODBC driver 9. I have developed many Clarion applications, some of which I’ve even managed to get installed at my work, but the lack of accessability to the topspeed files using their Reportwriters is killing their usefullness.