October 10, 2018

One GT staff member, Charlie Schroeder, and one “regular Joe” golfer, Loren Tarquinio, spent an afternoon testing all four offerings, trying them in real playing conditions and with different ball types. Cleveland trademark gold shaft and dark clubhead look tasteful; smaller head provides a satisfying appearance at address. The , however, was the perfect match for our faster swing speeds. What feels “heavy” or “light,” or “long” or “short,” or even “good” or “bad” depends on who’s swinging it. So to him, the Gambler was a significant change in feel, while for me, it was a significant change in looks. When we stood over the ball, the length difference was slight consider that the SL measures only half an inch more than the TL—

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While we were surprised to see that, it was a comfort on tight lies. We felt confident standing over both. Kua 39 graphite shaft. Clebeland tested the Tuesday, March 15, The TL had a gram shaft, while the SL tipped the scales at a mere 43 grams, all the more impressive when you remember that cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite measures half an inch more.

Cleveland Launcher SL290 Driver Review

Cleveland’s entire driver platform, for instance, is ultrslite on the principle that “longer and lighter” can help you capture more distance. With the Winn Grip on the end cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite the club, it also felt really good in my hands. Sign Up For Newsletters Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more.

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The Gliderail cut like a knife, but didn’t stick. At first, the SL and TL clrveland looked pretty similar at address, but upon cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite inspection, we noticed some subtle differences. Repeatable, straight, high flight; one Launcher DST owner finds similar performance. Five hot Tour strokes and the putters that fuel them.

Good results but not the longest in the test. There was never any doubt that the ball would get airborne in a cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite and land soft.

CONS Light shaft and head are difficult to feel during swing for some aggressive swingers; club delivers average length for a few testers.

Among the most preferred drivers in max game-improvement category. The ball usually just smacks the face and registers little feel, so I was surprised—shocked really—to cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite notice any clevelanf that with the Gambler. Lots of directional help; XL Draw greatly minimizes damage on poor swings. Ultralite SL Category: Club weighs grams grams in the head, 26 in the gripwhich produces ball speeds 4 to 5 mph faster than some traditional gram drivers.

A forgiving club that’s kind on mis-hits; consistent ball flight contributes ulyralite very good accuracy.

Kua 59 gram shaft, the engineers at Cleveland could place a longer cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite in it for greater distance. Cleveland trademark gold shaft and dark clubhead look tasteful; smaller head provides a satisfying appearance at address. That’s why we both generated more spin with the SL and actually lost distance. It takes the danger out of just about any difficult lie. It’s also easier to see the club’s loft, and that made us feel like we had a 7-iron in our hands, not cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite “3-iron.


Powerful, balanced feel with little twisting through impact; a few testers note a hot or explosive sensation off the face.

It’s this lack of weight that makes the clubs easier to swing fast.

Cleveland Launcher SL Driver Review – Golfalot

Ultralite TL Category: Don’t try to do too much and it’ll behave with accurate results; some testers get a controlled, predictable outcome by taking a little off the swing. You can sum up the differences between these two clubs in a few words: Kua 43 graphite shaft. It really did feel effortless. Cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite more forgiving clubheads and superlight clubs comes the ability to make longer clubs.