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January 4, 2019

This option is typical of current development boards. The supply voltage to the target is provided through pin 19 of the debug cable. The defaults are unchanged since S1L plans on being used. Phytec LPC based board. Booting from the serial port.

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The kickstart burner places the kickstart application as per the table below. DDR systems only work with a value of 2 or 4. If you are usnig the Phytec board, type ‘setenv phy gnu 1’ to setup the build system for the Phytec board.

LPC32x0 S1L/kickstart build example | NXP Community

As this is a new board, S1L can be used to temporarily setup and provide early board testing before deploying u-boot. It will also explain the things you need to change for a new board. For the FDI board. No changes will be made for this new board. This geometry needs to be supplied for each board. Stage 1 application – NAND. GPIO states and pin muxing can usually be delayed until the main application starts. The pin Mictor side of the adapter can be plugged either directly into the target codesourcerg or via trace cable.

This requires a kickstart burner application, a burner for u-boot u-boot is the stage 1 application in this caseand a kickstart loader that loads the stage 1 application u-boot in SDRAM. In case of doubt, leave open on target hardware. Customer doesn’t pay for that. I suppose I could buy the FTI kit. The kickstart loader always loads into Cpdesourcery at address 0x For the JTAG method, the kickstart burner and loader must be loaded as 2 different programs.



A burner is an application that resides in the LPC32x0’s memory and burns an image in another location into memory into the boot device on the board. We have several of those and once in a great while they do break, but nothing has lately.

For the Phytec board. The stage 1 application has no size limit and can be loaded anywhere in memory. Original Attachment has been moved to: Cdoesourcery burners, kickstart loader, and S1L can all be fairly easily to another board. To get started, you will need a LPC32x0 based development board, the v2.

As can codesourcfry seen in the image below, the key on pin 6 ensures, that the adapter can not be connected the wrong way. The target is supplied via the VTref connection when the supply fvi is jumpered. This debugger will be initially used to burn the kickstart loader and S1L?

The CDL offers several bootloader options and a number of methods for deploying a bootloader to your board. It adapts from the pin 0.


We’ll go through each option below. The table below helps explains different approachs to handling the bootloaders and application load. A kickstart loader or bootloader refers to a simple bootloader that is loaded and booted from the boot ROM which has the primary purpose of loading and booting another image. Bootloaders and burners The CDL offers several bootloader options and a number of methods for deploying a bootloader to your board.

Install the software per the documentation and verify that the debugger can communicate with the board. Introduction I get asked lots of questions on how to build and deploy the kickstart loader and S1L to a new LPC32x0 based board. The easiest place to start is to copy an existing BSP which has the supported features closest to the new board renaming the BSP to something else.