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January 2, 2019

Click the Playback tab. Dante integrates media and control for your entire system over a single, standard IP network. Wait a second or two. Create multiple Dante systems on a single network Visibility and Accountability: The De Facto Standard.

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Equipment monitoring with alarm history. The packets contain timing information and source and destination network addresses, allowing them to be efficiently routed through the danhe to the correct destination. Already own a copy of DVS? Monitor system status and changes from anywhere. Keep me informed about Dante.

What is Dante? – the Basics | Audinate

The Advanced tab of the device properties sofrware is not visible, which prevents the changing of the sample rate for Dante Virtual Soundcard in Windows. Is Windows 10 compatible with Dante Controller?

Fix Name management on old device EtherSound. Dante systems are highly scalable, from a simple pairing of a console to a computer, to complex networks running thousands of audio channels. The new Append Channels feature automatically assigns sources to available channels when connecting to multichannel destinations, allowing for quick and logical routing to DAWs and mixers.

Auxiliary signal paths such as USB connections to and from soundcards will add further latency.

Detect and manage the settings of all AuviTran devices, as well date some other manufacturers. My software applications aren’t showing in the Dante Via UI. Begin a 30 day trial by simply downloading and installing Dante Via. Composers, performers and recording engineers can now make audio connections between multiple applications and devices within one computer, or between multiple computers using Dante audio networking.


Change the sample rate to the desired rate.

New features of this update include:. Connect computers running Dante Via together to create an instant Dante audio network, for cost-effective real-time sharing of microphones, interfaces and applications.

Uninstall Dante Virtual Soundcard. Along with unparalleled audio quality, Dante delivers ultra-low latency and near-perfect synchronization.

Audinate Updates Dante Via to 1.1 Adding Multichannel and ASIO Support

The De Facto Standard. Once the network is configured, Dante Controller and its host computer may be removed from the network, and will only be required if changes are made or system monitoring is desired. Dante Via isolates and softwqre audio to and from applications, up to 16 bidirectional channels each. Dante Virtual Soundcard should now be operating at the new sample rate. Instantly connect to record, process and playout using any audio application and any combination of Dante-enabled devices.

Windows: Can I use Dante Via with ASIO applications and hardware? | Audinate

For long-distance audio runs, Dante supports fiber optic connectivity. If this is the case, you will need to approve the kernel extension in your Mac’s Security and Privacy settings.

Record up to 64 channels of pristine audio from your Dante network using your favorite DAW such as ProTools, Logic, Cubase or others Playout audio from any application like iTunes for background music, theater sound, and effects. Route audio to different destinations and devices with any sftware of channels, including splits 64 channels of uncompressed, bidirectional audio means no-compromise multi-track recording Virtual Sound Check up to 64 channels of playout for live shows No Compromise Performance – It’s Dante Dante Virtual Soundcard delivers the legendary audio quality that has made Dante the leading choice for audio networking by soctware engineers, manufacturers and installers the world over.


Dante Controller is a free audio routing and device management software application that automatically discovers devices on the network.

What is Dante? – the Basics

We recommend careful testing aio correct operation of EEE-capable switches used with Dante, or selecting switches where EEE can be disabled. Share VoIP calls from Skype with your entire audience Softwarw sound from any application to enhance demonstrations and videos Send rich, powerful audio from your PowerPoint or Keynote slides to any Dante-enabled sound system Multichannel Powerhouse Dante Virtual Soundcard gives you as many channels of audio as you need.

For packetized audio to synchronize perfectly across the network, all devices need to share identical timing information. Dante Controller is a free downloadable application. Dante Virtual Soundcard v4.