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December 10, 2018

Adjusting Copying Options Output Adjustments You can change the following output adjustment settings: Verify that your computer has a properly configured IP address for your network. Safety Notes Machine Installation Do not locate this product where people might step on or trip over the power cord. About Paper About Paper Using unsuitable paper may lead to paper jams, poor print quality, breakdown and damage to your printer. On the printer console, click the Scan button. If the printer is to be moved over a long distance, the print cartridges should be removed to prevent toner from spilling and the printer should be packed inside a box.

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Squeeze the tab on the length guide, and then slide it back. Insert and align the leading docuprrint of the ADF Roll in the bearings, and turn the lever.

Before faxing you must set the country fa and fax number for the printer. Scanning Images into an Application Scanning Images into an Application You can import images directly from the scanner into Windows or Macintosh applications on your computer. RAM Error Memory malfunction.

Page Replacing the Consumables Hold the drum cartridge by the tabs at both ends, and slide the cartridge toward the front of the printer. Index black-and-white images, system, changing settings for a single job, setup color images, c11990 to email, default settings, SMTP, Express Scan Manager, SimpleMonitor, importing images into a Windows alerts, application, specialty media, importing scanned images into a custom size paper, Scan an image into an application.


References within this guide.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C1190FS colour laser multifunction

Load the originals to be copied and follow the steps below to make copies. Switch off the printer and wait for 40 minutes for the fuser to cool down before removal. Turn off the printer.

From dociprint File menu, select Print. Cleaning The Printer Cleaning the Printer Cleaning the Printer This section describes how to clean the printer in order to maintain it in good condition and print clean printouts all the time. This saves time so that you can quickly select saved names and numbers without having to re-enter them each time you want to send a fax.

The way to display the printer Properties dialog box differs according to the application software. Maintenance Maintenance This chapter includes: Safety Notes Locate this product in a well-ventilated area.

Entering Text on the Printer Console Entering Text on the Printer Console The programming of recipient names, letters, accented characters, numbers and symbols can be entered much like using your cell phone keypad. To order supplies, contact the Fuji Xerox local representative office or an authorised dealer.

It may be a legal offence to print currency notes, certificates of stocks and securities, or any other documents of similar nature, regardless of whether they will be used. Important information that must be read and followed. Loading Documents for Scanning Loading Documents for Scanning Position the original document to be scanned as shown below. Fuji Xerox has placed the imaging unit at the very front of the DocuPrint CFS multifunction, so paper input is limited to sheets through the paper cassette and a single-page manual paper feeder.


From the Start menu, select Programs.

Be careful not to get your hands or clothes dirty with toner. Follow all warning instructions marked on this product. In your print driver’s Properties dialog box, click Detailed Settings tab and then About. Press the System button. Document Feeder Document Glass Insert originals face up with the top of the page Lift the document feeder or the document glass cover, entering the feeder first.


Basic Faxing Basic Faxing This section includes: Automatic duplexing is absent but it’s difficult to complain considering the multifunction’s price. If you are connecting to one computer, an Ethernet RJ crossover cable is required.

Description of Menu Items Longer Size: Safety Notes Machine Installation Do not locate this product where people might step on or trip docu;rint the power cord.