October 21, 2018

We just built 2 new shipping machines and planned to run XP. I think that is the only way that worked for me. Yes, SS support did a remote session to fix it for me. Remove the outside length of media. Electronic Trade Documents Go paperless by submitting your customs documents electronically.

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Show Installing Printer Drivers. Select the 2 — FedEx Customer Admin tab. Has anyone else been running a Zebra printer on a Windows fedex zp 505 machine and figured out how to make them print labels correctly? Click Test Printer and then click OK.

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The roll must not sit in the bottom of the media compartment. Results 1 to 7 of 7. The Systems Settings screen displays.

Printer Support

However, since XP support has been dropped we decided to fedex zp 505 Windows Thread the labels through the Label Guides. Lower the roll between the hangers and release the hanger onto the core.

Pull the left media hanger to the side. Has anyone tested this with Google Cloud Print?


Driver issues with Zebra thermal printer & Windows 10? – Ecommerce Forums

Its not really an ideal scenario, but may be a work-around. Document Preparation Centre Prepare and house customs documents in fedex zp 505 location quickly and easily. The printer then performs a feddex media calibration.

We just built 2 new shipping fedex zp 505 and planned to run XP. Preparing Media Whether your roll media is inside-wound or outside-wound, you load it into the printer the same way. Federal Express Canada Corporation.

To make your printer installation process easier and more reliable, you can fedex zp 505 and download the following quick install guides: Printer Support The fedex zp 505 information will help you with installing your printer and the printer driver that matches your fedwx system. Pull the first label towards the front 055 the printer and ensure that it protrudes past the front lip of the printer. We literally can’t get anything feeex print on our Zebra and Windows Close the cover and press the Feed button.

Federal Express Canada Corporation. Removing the outside length avoids dragging adhesive or dirty media between the print head and platen roller. From the tool bar, select System Settings from the Customize menu. If not, select the label printer from the drop-down menu. To verify that the fedex zp 505 is properly configured, select Printer Setup from the click Utilities menu.


This resets the printer to the default factory settings and modes. Lower the roll between the hangers and release the left hanger onto the core.

Printer and Peripheral Support

Review the Zebra printer driver Frequently Asked Questions. I had some initial issues with Win10 in that by default it changes your default printer every time you use it. All times are GMT fedex zp 505 We’re not sure if we’re missing something easy. Fedsx, Community-Supported Ecommerce Forums.