December 12, 2018

Gene Link fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty by stressing personal relationships with our customers. The excellent quality reagents and kits that were used in house have been added to our product list. Enter DNA sequence to see coding pattern. Gene Detection Systems Gene Link is the leader in triple repeat disorder genotyping using non-radioactive based methods. Description This application from Gene Link, Inc.

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Gene Link offers all commercially available modifications, fluorescently labeled probes, and specialized probes such as Molecular Beacons, TaqMan, and FRET, as well as a wide variety of other molecular biology products such as linkers, adaptors, DNA purification, and clean-up kits.

Gene Link can provide custom synthetic oligo templates for all your genotyping and template requirements. The application has sections to encourage users to design primer and probes using modified bases as substitutes for the natural four bases to enable specificity and increase nuclease resistance.

Protocolpedia – Lab Protocols. Our description of a long oligo is mer to mer.

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Consistently maintaining our reputation and responsibility to supply quality products, we present our entire product line with unrivaled confidence. Gene Link specializes in long oligo synthesis up to mer in length. Gene Link Oligo Synthesis Division is not an “oligo factory”. Topics included are all related to nucleic acids research with an emphasis on utilizing properties that increase specific predetermined properties e.


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Our products and services are supported and ensured by our commitment to premium quality, and our constant efforts to introduce innovative products and cutting-edge technology to the worldwide research community. Oligos up to mer: Genetic code for all amino acids.

Gene Link fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty by maintaining a close personal relationship with our customers, and by offering technical support for our products. Accelerating the Pace of Genomic Discovery. We have more than a decade of expertise and have developed facile non-radioactive detection methods for safe, sensitive and reliable genotyping of human genetic disorders specifically fragile X, Huntington Disease, Myotonic Dystrophy etc.

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These techniques are routinely used in a molecular genetics laboratory for all type of research involving DNA. This section includes the following sections and sub sections. We believe that investigators who value time and have no room for an experiment to fail due to oligo quality should consider Gene Link. These include the omni series of reagents that include a variety of DNA and RNA purification and concentration systems.

Simply enter the accession number and retrieve detailed gene information from NCBI database, 6. This business philosophy is particularly important for businesses that are constantly competing with multinational conglomerates.


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The main focus of this app is to have a handy source of calculation modules and quick reference sections for designing and executing experiments involving PCR and Q-PCR. Enter DNA henelink to see coding pattern.

Compatibility Requires iOS 7. Learn how your comment data is processed. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Gene Link specializes in long oligos. Take a look at the simple agarose and polyacrylamide gel based systems, the chemiluminescent Southern blot detection methods and the fluorescent systems for genotyping of triple repeat disorders. Select codon sequence and see the corresponding amino acid and detailed information.

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Your one source solution for all your DNA templates. These vary from simple DNA amplification and confirmation to complex allele and genotyping for diagnostics. Tested for more than a decade and offered to you as convenience reagents.

I wish they upgraded this app. It is prudent and beneficial to incorporate the use of positive control templates for your genotyping assays.