February 11, 2019

There are several types of queries. The logging granularity can be set using the JDBC url parameter. Async persistency via option 3 or option 4 – aka Mirror Service The suggested way is to use option 5. We will also use the Annotations to configure and inject components. The data from tables are loaded taking into account filters and projections.

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Interacting with the Space

This can vastly improve the performance if you need to load many objects at once into the space. For more information see Indexing. A query processor transparently translates SQL queries into legal space operations. This is the location where you can place your business logic that read ggaspaces data from the database and load it into the space.

For more information about indexing, refer to the Indexing section. The logging granularity can be set using the JDBC url parameter. Can I expect this method invocation schema to take approximate time that take of the calculations on the slowest partition. This operation can vastly improve performance when you have an object with many attributes and you only need to update one or a couple of jdcb.

JDBC Query on subspace space. To improve performance, it is possible to index one or more attributes for an object.


Interacting with the Space

Welcome to the new Gigaspaces XAP forum. If it already gjgaspaces in space it will be updated. This type of space is called embedded space. Powered by Askbot version 0.

You can run remote application as stand alone application or as a PU that do not run collocated space. Multiple tables select – the join feature supports the selection from multiple tables. Considering two join bigaspaces, the larger table is used as the probe table, while the smaller is used as the build table. Simply have the space URL to be declared as the following remote space access: The caller — client – ask for service method in broadcast mode so we invoke the same method on every partition and do reducing results from all subspaces.

This would not affect the application performance in great deal as long as your database configured to cope with batch operations.

XAP provides several ways to perform queries against the space:. Future versions will resolve this inconsistency.

In any case we suggest to use the persistent media database for recoverability and not to extent the space gigapaces. Please sign in tags users badges help.

SQL Client

This page describes an older version of the product. The level can be configured with one of the following options: The POJO needs to implement a default constructor, setters and getters for every property you want to store in the Space.


The template is a POJO of the desired entry type, and the attributes which are set on the template i. Only properties with special roles like ID and Routing are part of the schema definition.

JDBC Query on subspace space – Gigaspaces XAP forum

When using the embedded loader – the ExternalDataSource interface should be implemented with its initialLoad method to return an implementation of the com. A Compound Index is a space index composed from several attributes or nested attributes. UUID id Object, Person] This join uses the share nothing approach. It is also possible to write multiple objects in one operation to the space batch mode. For more information on how to set logging levels, refer to the Logging section of the Administration guide.