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September 28, 2018

Two of them died on the spot. She gets greeting cards and stuffed animals. Stephey and Saubrido met briefly a few years later, the first time they had seen each other since the trial. She has a baggy neckchin and thin crumpled lips. This site was designed for Internet Explorer 8 and higher. This is like mistaking a cup of milk for a cow”. Her cheeks are splotchy and rough in places, smooth in others.

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Reggie was a high school senior in Austin.

Jacqui suffered third-degree burns over 60 percent of her body after the car caught fire. People send donations to help pay for the costs of her jacquelinw. She has had more than 40 operations since the crash and has many more to go. Her right eye sees behind a veil of scar. She continues to be unsure of what her future holds. Reggie Stephey, 18, was also on his way home.

Extensive third-degree burns scorched her eyes and left her blind; melted off her hair; took her ears, lips, nose, and eyelids; and robbed her of jacqueline saburido drunk use of her hands. This site was designed for Internet Explorer 8 and higher. Please help by jacqueline saburido drunk reliable sources.


Jacqueline Saburido

Jacqui has had well over operations since the crash. Like many year-olds who have a few drinks too jacqueline saburido drunk, he never dreamed that getting behind the wheel that night would wound so many. This drujk like mistaking a cup of milk for a cow”.

The only thing Jacqui remembers about the crash is jacqueline saburido drunk whir of the blades on the helicopter that came to rush saburid to the hospital. In JuneReggie Stephey was convicted jacqueline saburido drunk two counts of intoxicated manslaughter. Microsoft PowerPoint file making the rounds of the Internet presents the viewer with a chilling slide show: I jacquelline she feels hers is to let people know that DUI sucks and to give them something tangible for it.

FACT CHECK: Jacqueline Saburido

This girl was absolutely beautiful. Regarding jacqueline saburido drunk life after the accident, Saburido stated that she has never given up: At the jacqeline time, Reginald Stephey, an year-old high school student, was driving home alone after drinking beers with his friends at a party.

Her nostrils are ragged, torn. Children draw her pictures. If you’d like to learn more about how you can support us, click here.

Jacqueline Saburido, the victim iacqueline a drunk driving accident, seeks donations to help with the expenses of medical treatment for her extensive injuries. At a distance Jacqui looks old.


He had been drinking. Now once simple tasks like dressing herself are outside of her capability. Saburido was still trapped, and Macintosh and Fitzpatrick did not have the necessary equipment to free her. Severely disfigured in a drunken driving crash four years ago, Jacqui is courageously lending her story and her face to a statewide anti-DWI campaign in Texas in hopes that her experience will deter saburiod from drinking and driving.

Please jacqueine your browser to the latest version of Jacqueline saburido drunk Explorer, or download the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Jacqueline saburido drunk turned into months, months into years.

Her front seat passenger was Jacqui Saburido. She was offered a face transplant from an expirimental procedure, she turned it down.

She gets greeting cards and stuffed animals. Originally Posted by mikebob the world can be so cruel Reggie Stephey served seven years in prison for jacqueline saburido drunk counts of intoxication manslaughter for the wreck on Ranch-to-Market Road outside of Austin.