January 5, 2019

Below is a list of fixes suggested by forum users, all of which offer unpredictable degrees of success or failure. You can use the disk image copy later, if necessary, to create a new system installer that operates from an external hard drive. Roach motel, put them in, wouldn’t come out. Restart the computer, quit all running applications, make sure the computer is powered from the mains, and install the updater. And the TV for movies. A number of readers are also reporting a repeated failure of the firmware installer to find an updateable drive:.

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I’m pretty handy and had already replaced the iMac’s masthita hard drive without any trouble. This has been a problem not only with Superdrives.

Affected disc types vary: Now, every time I restart my computer in an attempt to fix a problem caused by this update, presumablyI always get the message:. One user reports that he can no longer read his own burned CDs if they are of one specific brand.

In his particular case, a MacBook Pro began having difficulty reading all kinds of optical discs shortly after its warranty expired. I have lost both Superdrive and external lacie DL burning. To guard against this, we suggest you make a disk image copy of your system installer disk before performing this firmware update. Restart the computer, quit all running applications, make sure the computer is powered from the mains, and install the updater.

Summary — While the symptoms and solutions for these issues vary widely, they all revolve around the SuperDrive.


MATSHITA DVD-R UJE will not burn CD… – Apple Community

Successes, failures, repeating dialog Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep matshta civil and stay on topic. SDrv has had only infrequent use over its life PB bought in australia in late july The SuperDrive has always had problems reading DVD’s but only recently faulted on burning function. This breadth of dates, affected drives, and related disc types makes isolating the problem extremely difficult. Symptoms and Variables — These SuperDrive-related problems evince a few common symptoms: Another thread on SuperDrive problems that Apple has marked “Answered”, but it hasn’t been answered at all:.

The use of a DVD cleaning disc fixed it, ui fixed it again a few months later when it once again started rejecting blank CD-Rs. If you are experiencing issues similar to the ones described above, consider adding your experiences to the ongoing forum thread linked at the start of this article or contacting Apple either onlineor by working with an Apple Genius at a retail store to voice your concerns.

This has happened to me with four or five MacBook Pros a few mwtshita, one 17″all of them with SuperDrives. Yesterday we reported the release of SuperDrive Firmware Update 2. Repetitive spin up attempts occur with associated quiet clicking noises. No way to treat us fanboys.

Matsushita UJ-857 RPC-1 (Region-Free) Update Available

I feel like I have never seen 85e7 BUG problems snow leopard is pushing out, it’s like apple is either putting out scrub fires or not saying anything, this has to be a PR nightmare for them The Costs and ease yj repair out way the few niceities that the Mac provides. A number of readers are also reporting a repeated matshitq of the firmware installer to find an updateable drive:.


Also annoying was that the replacement drive didn’t fit quite right, because the snap-in carrier replaces the bezel at the mouth of the drive. After trying almost everything I disconnected the power cord and the battery, went out to smell some fresh air and when I returned, it was working!!! Or it might be a single problem with a variety of triggers, leading to variable symptoms and start dates.

MATSHITA UJE resources and drivers

When I tried to remove the file from the Utilities folder, I was told that I did not have the authority to remove the file. Everyone here knows that it is a problem.

After discussing the problem with matshits daughter, who attends a college where the art school supplies Macbooks for their students, her comment to me was eye-opening. Months ago the Superdrive in my 24″ white Intel iMac late died.

The update was already running! The end result is I now have a completely non-functioning Superdrive. I’ve decided the iMac doesn’t like being opened.

MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-857E Firmware ZF1E download

Download the standalone updater. I used some SuperDrives often, and some only for System Updates, but they all fail after roughly 18 months. I specifically asked the Genius if this was a common problem and was told “absolutely not”.