SCSI and RAID Devices


June 11, 2019

I have as problem as Joseph has. How long does the unlock process take when using p2k easy tools 3. If I can ask a few more questions too since you seem to be the only person with this setup It is worthy of note, the pc always detected the phone as an unusable ubs device same with battery, or without it. You should keep it turned off and then connected to the usb cable with or without battery so the rsd Lite can detected as ‘blank neptune’ What exactly is the problem you’re having?..

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Joseph, you fixed motirola It had voice recognition so when I wanted to make a call, I would flip it open, hit dial, set it on the door, say a name or spell out a number, and was all set.


Press the headset’s power button and i’m good to go It’s the easiest solution i’ve thought of, and the sound quality’s fine. It mounted a mic on the steering column. As for the firmware Maybe help for sombody.

What should I do? Will let u know if I have other ideas.


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Please Yuet, help me! I do not know. My moto bows b4 u o mighty 1: The system allows for hands free operation as the caller’s voice is picked up by a microphone directed to the right front speaker.

Sarah’s Angel, have you tested it on A wide range of cell phone adapters come with the unit. The original fw also vodafone was, that meantime i refleshed other frimware. I know that is a good thing but then it turns into “USB malfunction”.

The best way to unlock a phone without previous knwledgement is PATIENCE, thanks to all you people that share all this information thanks sarahs angel and special thanks to you Yuet maybe one day i can do somethig to help others like you do!! I flashed my phone with the original backup the phone.

It is very reliable. I never get S Blank Neptune regards Michael.

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I know this was an issue with Accords in the past as they do not have a mute option on the headunit However, if somebody flash their phones to a locked MP mistakenly, they will need to unlock it. I have just unlocked an v with BL And before I get flamed Make sure you have installed the drivers jotorola your usb ports and then try to connect the phone by switching usb ports without the battery.


So I’m probably going to testpoint my phone, unless you have some new file to test If a signal was detected it would mute the radio motofola play the call thru the car’s speakers. Post Comments Atom comments Atom. P2K Easy Tools says: After flashing with RSD Lite my phone gives an critical error 84 and RSD lite gives an error something like “error verification codegroup 2” and after a time the phone turns to the bootloader screen and i have to flash v360k with YuetMod MP v2.

I know it takes time sometimes to get detected motogola blank neptune by the pc. I followed the suggestions perfectly. Well, I also have BL What do you think?. I will be posting something about it Hello, I have the same problem as many of you.