January 1, 2019

No I have no idea why…just a google message showing up, can not send I was probable too messed up not being able to install those drivers….. Sorry for my misunderstanding, but I’m not a computer wizard anyway. I didnt find musiland back in the components from foobar and couldnt open the musiland control panel. Also it works almost every game too. I wonder how much effort you put to make such a great informative web site. The official instructions do not say that a new authorization license but the large number of invalid authorization posts in the forums seem to indicate that this is new. Have not had a chance to really play with the latency settings in ASIO to listen for differences.

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Update Sept 15, As my 12, song collection is mostly in Redbook, this is a huge advantage. No, create an account now.

Musiland USB | H i F i D U I N O

Use this to adjust the volume if there are no other volume control in the audio chain. Dec 15, at Anyone using this on a Mac? I have the Cambridge Audio cd player, which has two digital inputs, both electrical and optical as well.


And of course check to see ASIO: I miss my music.

Musiland Monitor 01USD 32Bit / KHz USB Sound Card USB ASIO –

Usually I get a response within a day or two. By continuing musland use this website, you agree to their use. Even though the driver file name says build, it was just recently released.

The audio session is not shared with any other applications and no mixing is performed. The 03 Monitor USD has no analog outs. I am currently in the process of requested a new license for 2. I checked my actual version: With the older drivers, sometimes it would muziland to load requiring a reboot.

If usv notice from the version numbers, only the ASIO component has been updated. Feb 24, at 6: When I tried to update the driver to version 2.

Musiland Monitor 01 USD, USB to SPDIF for DAC

I have read some good stuff here. If everything would be right, could I listen any music from internet radio, or cd, or any media without convert it to any other form of data?

Actually, the latest driver was to fix an ASIO problem. An authorization process was implemented by Musiland a while ago around Disable the output that is not in use green buttons. Also added some notes to the license update instructions. This was the address used when they first implemented the authorization process with the following information:. Mods that very likely did not improve things [ link ].


Update Sept 17, This could be a workaround. Can anyone help me out? In fact the latest drivers are very robust with respect to installation.

Musiland Monitor 01 USD USB Sound Card Optica Dolby Digital Aluminum Housing

Is the Musiland Monitor 01 your current recommendation? And the sound seems to improve even when using DACs with their own built in chip based upsampling. On the other hand, users in the Musiland forum do share different sound between the usr.