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November 11, 2018

Unfortunately there are some flaws in the Polaroid approach as it is manifested in the Insight 3. SilverFast with NegaFix handles negative scanning very well, something that can be a bit of a challenge for most scanning software. So, I figured I’d see if I could do better than the Lab. The scan was OK, and with a little color tweaking in Insight, it was acceptable. Polaroid never did follow up on my incident report with whether or not they were able to duplicate it.

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Polaroid SprintScan 4000 Scanner

This is pretty well a fixed time, regardless of how large a scan sorintscan doing. Our x scan of the Musicians slide took only 75 seconds in its entirety, including 52 seconds for calibration. The most significant shortcoming, sprkntscan the fact the software processing is extremely time consuming sabotaging the scanner’s fast physical performance, is that there is no way to control and assure the output utilizes the full gamut. Despite its relative age, it competes very well against the current crop of scanners at or near its price point.

The SprintScan captures a full 12 bits per channel, and furthermore allows you to import spintscan full 36 bit image 12 bits in each of three color channels into Photoshop. It should also be noted that the technical support I received from Polaroid and LaserSoft was excellent, and any questions were answered quickly and professionally.

After I returned the scanner, I started working more extensively with transparency film, so perhaps next time I’ll be better prepared to test these theories.


You may also like. It’s polaroidd hard to beat that unless the costs really start adding up.

Smartphone Cameras vs Real Cameras: The dust removal feature in PolaColor Insight causes a slight blurring of the entire image, so it is best to avoid using it. It turns out this whole review was done with outdated firmware. So, I upgraded the firmware and retested a few things.

Polaroid SprintScan /Plus – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

Plus, you can fit it into your workspace with ease for improved space management because this slide and film scanner comes with a functional contour. Hamrick’s VueScan is much better.

There’s about a millimeter of play between the edges of a standard slide sprintsczn and the sides of the adapter recess, allowing that much side to side adjustment of the individual slides.

The SprintScan also comes with entirely new Polaroid Insight 3. Windows and Macintosh Dimensions: I was very much impressed. For me, the SprintScan just didn’t live up to expectations. The biggest pain with scanning your own negatives is dealing with dust. There are no ads on this page, and there never will be.

Polaroid SprintScan 4000 Film Scanners

Smaller scans are much faster: For more info on dealing with color negative scans, check out my Color Negative Page. Setting the sharpness in the next to last “tab” in the Insight interface was not helped a lot by the preview screen appearance, but after making a few scans I soon learned from viewing the result in Photoshop how to set the percent sprinfscan control for sharpening to get a good result.


We generally found the prescan time less of an issue with the SprintScan, as we didn’t find a need to repeat prescans very often while tweaking the scanning parameters. Canned “air” helps a lot too. Nikon ED – User comparison with sample images. These are simply random observations I’ve made while using Polaroid’s SprintScan product.

So it is indeed an excellent scanner for what they do. You insert the holders slightly beyond where you feel slight resistance, at which point the scanner recognizes the presence of the holder, pulls it further in, and then moves it back and forth until it’s properly registered and ready to scan the first frame.

There’s a lot more to say about the details of the test scans we captured, and we say it all on the sample pictures page.

Polaroid SprintScan Specs – CNET

The SprintScan offers excellent scans, with good throughput and easy operation, at a competitive price. In early I received email from someone who went through the trouble of figuring out curves that would make the Vuescan color negative scan look almost exactly like the Photo CD scan.

Simply changing the y offset makes the problem go away. The Bottom Line Despite it’s relative age in the marketplace, the SprintScan holds its own quite well against the current crop of offerings.