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December 19, 2018

Overall, the DSC-V1’s image quality was very good, though not as good as some other 5 Megapixel cameras, in my opinion. NightFraming shoots in color, while NightShot captures the infrared picture. If you’re interested in stills and video, though, it’s knockout. First, you compose the picture, and press the shutter release button halfway. Nose smudges on the LCD may be a problem if you use your right eye, however.

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By dsv the jog dial, you can choose the center, top, bottom, left, or right of the frame. I don’t see any vignetting darkened corners here either, which is a good thing. Both of these include the required conversion lens adapter. Additional flash support is available thanks to a new ‘intelligent’ hot-shoe, although I suspect it will be a bit of a balancing act to put a flash on such a small camera.

Sony DSC-V1

Crop sensor, pro body cameras. Nov 3, At the upper-right of the photo is the V1’s built-in flash.

The camera evaluates five separate areas of the frame and intelligently focuses on the subject, displaying the selected focus point, or the user can choose any of the five points for manual control. Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar Lens: Switching to play mode displays the last image taken or the last image on the Memory Dsf, again display is first a rough thumbnail not shown above.


Red’s Hydrogen One is an interesting concept but its main selling point — capturing and displaying 3D content — completely misses the mark. Lomography launches new 35mm monochrome film stock cut from German cine film rolls.

The items v11 the mode wheel include: Inside the box, you’ll find: The frames are compiled into one 1. What camera or lens should I buy?

Sony DSC-V1 – Quick Preview

Our tour ends with a look at the bottom of the camera. We’ve selected our favorite lenses for Canon DSLRs in several categories to make your decisions easier. Apple has released iOS Shot-to-shot time for JPEG images began at an acceptable 1 second or so but lengthened to dsv 2.

Click here for our previous news article with full specifications Note: During our formal testing, it lasted for more than shots with heavy LCD and moderate flash use. Flickr confirms it’s sparing Creative Commons, non-profits from the new 1, image cap.


Shutter delay, including autofocus time, averaged a quick 0.

I’ll have more on the image quality options in the next section. Why Flickr’s new 1, photo limit for free users is a smart move. You may also like.

Then again, I v think they could’ve fit a larger one in that space. When it’s time to charge the FC11 battery, just plug in the included AC adapter and wait for minutes.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V1 Digital Camera Review: Intro and Highlights

AF performance is otherwise good, except in low light where hunting can lead to missed shots. TIFF will record an uncompressed image at the 5. As a result, we often fumbled while changing f1. Leica MD sample photos. Directly below the flash is the self-timer lamp and infrared emitter used for Nightshot and NightFraming.

Nov 5, The file numbering system used by Sony is quite simple.