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December 27, 2018

I just got my r, fujikara speeder stiff in the mail today after ordering it used from golfsmith. Though I tend to prefer a deeper face, a simple adjustment of my tee height allowed me to swing the R confidently. Center hit feels like mis hit and mis hit feels like center hit compared to anyways. I actually bomed it from the rough the other day about to make up for my one bad drive with no problem. Either way it sounds like it’s working for you. Once Titleist released the sure-fit hosel it made it great for switching shafts whereas the R did not have this option. It was the best driver I had ever played.

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R Driver vs D3 Driver – Golf Clubs – Team Titleist

The sound of sweet spot contact is made even sweeter by a unique feeling the R provides. I got the R when it came out in 7. I actually hit it longer than the Titleist and I can work the ball with it.

I hope the combo keeps working titleisst you!. Will have the new grip on tomorrow and be playing it this weekend. I am just wondering why this driver is not mentioned in the Golfdigest Hotlists when it is one of the most used and the reviews are really good compared to some of the other drivers that are mentioned in that magazine.


Would be interesting to switch shafts one day. The plays better to my misses. This may be a dumb questions but what are the settings to make it setup the same as the R, is it just A1?

I teed off at around 5: I bought a Titkeist R last summer. Trade values are based on several factors such as demand, condition, release date and other resale factors.

I think most of us change drivers just because we 095r that shiny new toy. I’ve only practiced with it once and didn’t really get it figured out.

Titleist Pro Titanium 905R Drivers

Miss low or high, towards the toe or heel, and the sound will tell you. The R features a square face titlesit a gently rounded sole designed to keep the face square at address. Last round, I had 11 of 14 fairways. Let me put it this way then.

On off-center hits, the feeling is not quite as solid or powerful, yet the ball still travels appreciable distances. If a PW is not included, you will be required to enter each of the irons ritleist. This is one of the more recent model Bluebeard shafts in one of the best old school heads around.

I am not a shaft wizard so I am lost right now. I went to a ttitleist and hit several drivers. Though I tend to prefer a deeper face, a simple adjustment of my tee height allowed me to swing the R confidently. Titleist R Driver Specifications Model 7. The R, like the S and the T, can be ordered with one of several stock shafts: But the ttileist is very different between the two.


Titleist R: Clubs | eBay

Driver Fairway Wood Hybrid. Titleist Pro Titanium R 9. I also prefer a deeper face, and though the R is not as deep as the S I used for more than a year, a simple adjustment to my tee height resolved the issue of face depth for me. The R is not the most forgiving club out there with the highest MOI.

I hit two fairways, and both were a result of bad swings that blocked the ball to the right. Some of my buddies would say that it just got 9905r in the woods quicker. My old driver flew a lot further but would stop dead in the fairway. The Titleist R driver is built to optimize all aspects of your shot off the tee.